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Whats groovy my people,

My name is Waitley and I'm an Atlanta based music producer that survives off wavy chords and crunchy bass. My main focus is to create the new era of emotional music and inspire people, like you, to go outside and enjoy nature. I create anything from classical pieces to huge electronic productions for video creators and artists across all genres. Portraying the beauty of extraordinary sceneries is everything to me so I plan to paint massive pictures with music. In my free time I travel and take photos like the one behind this paragraph and every other eye candy you've looked at before you landed on this page. I also have a wonderful videography team that helps me make my vision a reality. Wether I'm outside in the wilderness for weeks at a time or sitting in the studio, I am always giving the world good vibrations because the world has music for those who listen. Contact me if you're interested in making something new.


W  A  I  T  L  E  Y

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